Winter White Baby Bows

Use winter white baby bows to transform your baby girl’s look! Like a fresh blanket of snow transforms the landscape into something completely new and pristine, putting a winter white bow on your daughter’s hair changes her aura. The neutral white of the baby bow brings out the color of her hair and skin and she suddenly seems fresher, cleaner, and even more angelic (if that’s possible!).

The Grace baby bow, a delicately beautiful organza flower with pearls at the center, can be worn with her dressiest Sunday best  for major angelic appeal. The Grace comes in a pinch clip style in classic clean colors like white, pink and cream.

The sweetly innocent Ava, a grosgrain Double Baby Bow on a pinch clip, is the perfect hair accessory to prettify even the most rough-and-tumble outfit. Plus, like all meticulously handcrafted clips from Hair Clippy, it’s guaranteed to stay in place. The Ava comes in five colors. Choose from: white, lavender, pink, red, and shocking pink.

The regal Whitney Queen Bow and the Whitney Princess are truly befitting of royalty. Both are available in pinch clip and French clip styles. The 5” classic Queen Bow comes in no less than a dozen colors, all the better to go with her majesty’s many wardrobe choices! The Whitney Princess, a 3 ½ ” grosgrain version of the Whitney Queen Bow, is available in eight colors.

the Whitney Queen Bow
the Whitney Princess Bow

Score major style points with these winter white bows from Hair Clippy!

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