Baby Bows for Her Sunday Best

Last week your baby got all dressed up for Halloween, now we dial it back a bit with a prim yet stylish look fit for family Sundays.

Whether you take her to Church or visit grandma’s house, this pair of No Slippy Hair Clippy bows will keep her hair perfectly place, with a dash of elegance.

Favorite GranddaughterSundays are popular days for family get-togethers, and the perfect opportunity for your daughter to visit her grandparents.

Be sure to dress her up warmly, and consider the Sam baby bow (below in French Blue and Shocking Pink) to boost her cuteness levels to downright irresistible!

Most Sunday congregations observe a dress code, and your baby is no exception. Instead of taking her straight from crib to church in her crinkled jammies, slip her in a pretty cotton dress in beautiful shades of white or tasteful pastels.

Accessorize with the Payton baby bow (below in Bubblegum, Red and Shocking Pink) for a touch playfulness.

Each Payton baby bow is attached to an alligator mini pinch clip that stays on no matter how many admirers cuddle her or stroke her lovely hair. This double-dotted hair accessory also comes in two darker colors – Black and Navy.

So don’t drop the ball on Sundays. As one of the few days when your newborn is expected to be turned out, you should dress her to impress.

Browse the No Slippy Hair Clippy store for more baby hair accessories for Sundays and weekend get-togethers.