Clip of the Month: An Abby Bow for Every Costume

It's time to play Halloween dress-up with your babies, but don't forget to make the costumes extra pretty with the No Slippy Hair Clippy clip of the month – the Abby baby bow.

This popular clip comes in nine color combinations that can match everything from fairytale gowns to superheroine suits. Which baby bow goes best with your baby's costume? To guide your styling decisions, we've paired up the handy Halloween accessory to the most popular outfits in 2011.

Pink-y Princess

For your newborn, there's no better costume than a Disney princess dress – it's sweet, fanciful and movie star adorable. Cinderella and Snow White ball gowns look so elegant, so pair them with pink-hued Abby bows, which give your baby's hair an equally delicate touch.
Shown from left:
Bubblegum, Dark Brown-Pink, Pink and Shocking-Pink styles.

Superheroine Sweetie

Don't care for dainty? Then suit up your child in a crime-fighting suit. Soften up what could be a too-tough look with dark, yet still feminine Abby clip bows. A prominent baby bow also flags the other parents to call her Supergirl instead of Superboy.
Shown from left:
Dark Brown, Pink-Brown and Navy styles.

Stand-out Toddlers

Babies are easy enough to dress up; they won't fight you for what to wear while trick-or-treating. But your toddler will have a say, and often she will demand something shiny, glittery and totally cute. Help her create her dream costume, then make sure she shines the brightest on Halloween night by clipping her hair with a bright-colored Abby clips.
Shown from left:
Orange, Red and Yellow styles.

For more Halloween hair accessories, visit the No Slippy Hair Clippy store. (All baby costume pictures from Costume Craze.)

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