Timeless Baby Photos

Baby photographs are memories that should be cherished forever. Time moves so quickly that it’s important to capture those treasured moments; your baby’s early days deserve to be preserved.

Here are a few tips on how to ensure you capture the best images possible:

A simple outfit: Consider a classic, simple outfit so she doesn’t look too overdressed in those photos. There’s a tendency to go with a matching ensemble, but this isn’t necessary. Also avoid busy patterns that distract from your baby’s natural.

Capture her smile: Consider her mood — do your best to make sure she’s in a good mood, and try to make her as comfortable as possible during the shoot. Bring some toys and perhaps a music box to keep her interested.

The perfect accessory: Picking the right hair accessory is also important, choose an accessory that perfectly complements your baby’s personality, and helps accentuate her natural beauty. Remember that all No Slippy Hair Clippy baby accessories are designed for snug, yet comfortable fit.

For brightly lit photos, consider simple, bold accessories like the Haley – Mini Grosgrain Baby Bow®:

For a more classic look with softer lighting, the Audrey – Organza baby Bow® With Tails is the perfect choice. Go for simple, elegant colors like white, cream or light blue:

The simple design of the Grace – Organza Flower with Pearls is perfect for capturing a classy and neat image of your baby. You can choose from the three different colors — pink, white and cream — to match the outfit of your baby:

To capture those timeless baby pictures, complete your baby’s outfit with an adorable baby hair bow to help make them memories you’ll treasure forever!