She’s Totally a Girl!

Does your little princess sometimes get mistaken for a little prince? Are you tired of strangers remarking, “Oh what a cute little boy!” despite their best intentions? If you’re nodding your head in agreement, then No Slippy Hair Clippy’s girly baby bows, headbands and clippettes are here to help put an end to that!

NSHC baby bows come in the most beautiful colors and designs. Have a look at our perfectly pretty, polka dot powered Mimi, grosgrain baby bow, just one the many super girly baby bows you can choose from.

Mimi features a ribbon made from grosgrain fabric, perfect to accentuate your baby’s feminine look. The ribbons are printed with a timeless polka dot design for a wonderfully classic look.

Remember, all our baby hair accessories are specially designed for comfort and durability, meaning they won’t keep slipping off!

Nothing says “I’m a girl!” like a lovely flower, so consider the vibrant Tallulah flower hair clip.
The Tallulah flower clip comes with a gorgeous, crafty flower design embedded on a no-slip pinch or French clip. It’s fun, fabulous, and totally girly!

We offer mothers quality options for non-slip baby hair accessories, in a wide selection made from premium quality materials.
Our baby bows come in all sizes, shapes, designs and fun, feminine colors, browse our collection now at the No Slippy Hair Clippy store!