AVA — No Slippy Hair Clippy’s Clip of the Month

Every mother enjoys dressing up her little princess, that’s what makes adorable accessories and baby bows and head bands the perfect gift for birthday’s celebrations or baby showers.

Every month, No Slippy Hair Clippy features one of our very special accessories of the clip of the month. For August, that honor falls to the lovely Ava baby bow.

The ribbon used to make this bow is made from a fabric called grosgrain — a plain weave corded fabric characterized by a narrow, ribbed appearance, giving it a gentle ridged texture. Grosgrain is used for ties or sashes on dresses, hats, and other garments but it’s also perfect for making durable, gentle bows like the Ava baby bow.

The Ava baby bow comes in five distinct colors — lavender, pink, red, shocking pink, and white — allowing you to mix and match, or find the color that matches that perfect dress for that special occasion. The bow also features an alligator pinch clip, wrapped in velvet for a snug, comfy fit. Like all No Slippy Hair Clippy accessories, the Ava baby bow features a no-slip grip that will ensures the bow to stays securely atop your baby’s head, and is specially made for your baby’s fine hair.

For even more options, browse all our hair accessories at www.hairclippy.com.