Pretty in Polka Dot

Themed parties can range from the more traditional Dress in Pink variety to the more exotic African Safari, now you can hit the sweet spot between these two extremes with the quirky, classic Polka Dot theme party!

Easy to organize and decidedly fun, the Polka Dot theme party is making a comeback after first exploding in popularity in 2006. This time around, the focus is less on polka dot pencil skirts and scarves and more on eye-catching accessories.

Invest in a few choice hair pieces from No Slippy Hair Clippy® and your little girl will surely be the prettiest of the polka dot princesses this year.

The Dottie baby bow gives off an irresistible charm, with polka dots all over, covering even the bold bow knot center. It comes in a variety of two-toned colors and can be worn as a single accessory near the temple, clipping the bangs neatly to the side to better frame that cute little face, or you can use them in pairs to adorn pigtails and other similar styles.

The slightly asymmetrical Mimi baby bow shares similarities with the Dottie design, but offers a softer, more butterfly-like bow shape. The center knot is thinner and scrunched tighter, highlighted in an identical color to the polka dots covering its surface. The Mimi baby bow looks great on braids and long ponytails.

The Mimi headband does wonders for short bobs and shoulder-length locks, adding a dash of spice and joyous fun to the occasion. The grosgrain band is soft to the touch and won’t snag your daughter’s hair, and is comfortable enough to be worn all day with absolutely no hassle.

For a completely different look, the Clipettes Prints - Dots™ collection is sure to dazzle with its bright color palettes. Each clipette pairs two shades of pink dots against a background of lime or turquoise, throwing the dots into brilliant contrast. The different colored accents also give your daughter more choices when planning a coordinated party ensemble.

Now you have the tools, so be sure to have a blast with your Polka Dot party!