Flowers Fit for Clipping

With peak blooming season occurring right around this time of the year, May is often called the Flower Month. Look around – gardens and fields are bursting with spring colors as buds mature into full-fledged blossoms.

Who says there’s no time to stop and smell the roses? Perhaps even pop a flower in your daughter’s hair to act as a highlight!

Well, maybe not… real flowers attract bees and other stinging insects, are hard to keep in place, and wilt in no time! Fear not, we’ve got just the answer!

The Lindsey flower radiates all the natural beauty of a magnolia, but adds just a bit more glitz and glamour. This radiant two-inch flower shows off a sprinkling of sequins, and each petal is shaded in dual-color tones. The design sits securely on a no-slip pinch clip easily attached or removed, with absolutely no need for fiddly readjustment during the day.

Looking for something more artsy for the little one? Then you might want to go with a hair clip like the Nahla polka dot flower. Beautiful stitching replicates the look of a handmade crafts project, with its splotches of candy-colored dots and a cute sewn-on button.

For the girl who loves her sparkles, the Alexis mod flower never disappoints. Two flowers in complementing shades make up its body, with a bright pink five-petal beauty sitting atop a deeper purple base. The Alexis style offers three more color options including the lovely shade of lavender seen above.

It won’t be long before springtime comes to a close, but with these No Slippy Hair Clippy® flowers in your daughter’s wardrobe, she can sport a spring powered look all year long!