Plan a Zoo Day, Special Memories for Mom and Daughter!

The sun’s out and spring is in the air, why stay indoors when you and your baby daughter can have a day of fun down at the local zoo! Just make sure you plan ahead: 

Zoo Preparation Tips
  • Stroller – Pick a comfortable stroller, preferably with a sun shade. If you’re thinking of loaning a stroller from the zoo, bring your own blanket so you’re sure it’s clean and comfortable.
  • Sunscreen – While everyone needs a little sunshine, it’s always best to be protected!
  • Extra Food and Clothes – Pack all the essentials, like her favorite food and extra diapers and bottles in case she gets hungry.
  • Itinerary – It’s always a good plan to have a decent idea of what habitats you’ll be visiting. Try to avoid wild and noisy animals that might overwhelm or alarm her.
Don't forget the camera!

Now that you’re all set and have the schedule and day kit ready, it’s time to plan her outfit for the big zoo day. No Slippy Hair Clippy® has two sets of adorable animal clips for you to choose from.

Mila Baby Animals is a fun six-piece collection of animal clips, from the cuddly cow to the rosy-cheeked monkey. Each clip is covered in smooth felt that’s gentle to the touch, and designed to stay on no matter how excited she gets!

Meanwhile, the Jayla Garden Critters come in four colorful insect designs. The dragonfly version comes in brown and pink, both of which look great on blonde and dark brown hair respectively. The pink snail and rainbow butterfly are slightly smaller in size, but are equally cute and colorful.

Have a great time at the zoo!