A Lovely Gesture for Earth Day

On April 22, 1970 a concerned US senator launched the first Earth Day to get people talking about the environment. Fast forward over four decades, and Earth Day has become a global event that raises awareness for our precious planet.

One with Earth

Your baby is never too young to rock the world with peace signs! By wearing the Peace Sign clipette™, she can help remind people to put aside their differences and come together for the good of the planet. This clipette™ is made of grosgrain ribbon and available in black and shocking pink.

Natural Beauty

Flowers are one of Mother Nature’s most stunning creations. Without flowers, landscapes lose their beauty and plants cannot produce fruit or propagate their seeds. Your baby blossom can give tribute to this natural wonder by wearing the Kara Gingham Rose, a mini clip with a classic bloom and leaf design.

If your toddler already has a big bundle of hair, the Lindsey headband is a better choice to keep her tresses neat, pretty and Earth Day ready. This headband comes in pink or white, and has a double-layer, five-petal flower design topped off with sparkling sequins.

Hip Butterflies
Moms, don’t let your little ones have all the fun. Capture the spirit of the ‘70s with these Meredith butterfly clips.

Now go out and flaunt those hair clips while doing your fair share of conserving, recycling and educating.

Happy Earth Day everyone!