Ask Annie

Melanie from Atlanta wrote:

Hello Annie,

The weather has been absolutely dreadful, and as you can imagine my twin nine year old daughters and I are really looking forward to spring! 

We’ve already planned some picnics in the park and have some wonderful open air concert nights that we’re looking forward to. More than anything really, we just want to be able to take some nice long walks! Do you have any ideas for hair accessories? 

Hi Melanie! The weather has been a bit much hasn’t it? Snow and snowmen are all well and good, but mushy ice and frosty days indoors are not for me!

I love picnics in the park, I don’t get to go on picnics as much as I would like to these days, but preparing a packed lunch and unfurling a soft blanket on the cool grass is just so much fun! 

But that’s quite enough daydreaming! As far as hair accessories for spring go? Here’s what I recommend:

Our Lauren Crochet Flowers, particularly in Apricot or Turquoise. They’re very cute and the subtle variation in texture and detailing really brings them to life. Can’t you just see your little girls wearing these?

And here’s a little something you too, mom, we wouldn’t want you to feel left out! Our Tallulah French and Pinch Clips from the Multi-Colored Embroidery Flower line are a wonderfully vibrant burst of color, particularly in Amethyst or Olive

Alternatively, you could go for that classic look and try out our Daisy Headband, with a beautifully detailed pure white headband and spring daisy adorning.

Whichever No Slippy Hair Clippy you decide to get, remember its spring, so don’t be afraid to really announce yourself, think subtle yet deep colors, and above all have fun!