Lovely Valentines Day!

Valentine’s Day is a day when couples celebrate their affection for each other, but why let them have all the fun?

Valentines day  is the perfect occasion to share the love by wearing hair accessories that would make Cupid himself fall in love. Here are a few classic choices from the award-winning No Slippy Hair Clippy line:

Head-Turning Tykes

For your babies and toddlers, a bright splash of Valentine red would look lovely. The Haley Mini Grosgrain Baby Bow® comes in the cutest shades of rose red and shocking pink, guaranteed to make heads turn!

The Ava Headband in red or hot pink is a popular pick because of its comfortable ruffle band and soft design that compliments baby’s dresses and toddler’s blouses. 

Cute and Cheeky Girls

If your young girl is craving a cute accessory, she will adore the Rachel pinch clip, which comes in four Valentine hues: maroon, pink, red and scarlet. The layered satin and velvet ribbons are sure to make her look pretty and feel confident at school card-giving festivities.

Hippy chic can also be adorable, as you’ll find out when your girl wears the Brenda Hearts “LOVE” clip in bubblegum pink. It’s the perfect accessory for that confident, spunky daughter who’s not afraid to wear her heart on her sleeve or, in this case, her hair.

Trendy and Pretty Ladies

Teenagers on the cusp of dating will look even prettier with the trendy Valentines Clipette™ that bears the XOXO sign-off popularized on the hit TV show Gossip Girl.

Now that everyone’s got their own hair accessories for Valentine’s Day, don’t forget about yourself, mom! Channel the halcyon days of your youth and sport a pretty Nikki Headband, whose flower with yellow center design looks great with long straight hair or shoulder-length curly hair.

Valentine’s Day is truly a special day when you and your children can show your love for each other. Wearing cute hair accessories just makes the celebrations all the more memorable.

Happy V-Day from No Slippy Hair Clippy!