Thanksgiving Cupcakes How-to for the Busy Mom

Turkey might be the star for Thanksgiving but they sure could be upstaged anytime by sweet little treats in your children’s eyes.

If you’re looking for a special dessert to make with your kids this Thanksgiving (which is just three days away!), here’s something that’ll surely fly with the youngsters.

Gobble em’ up! Thanksgiving cupcakes!

Cupcakes can be made to look a whole lot interesting than the usual pumpkin or pecan pie and it doesn’t take too long to decorate. Because this recipe is intended for mothers who already have a plateful on their hands, we are skipping the baking part. Instead, we’ll go straight to designing.

Here’s what you’ll need:

Keebler’s Fudge Stripe Cookies
Mini Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups
Autumn-Colored Pipecleaner

Do the following for each cupcake:

1. Cut a quarter of each cookie off.
2. Place cookie on the cupcake frosting upright to form the tail feathers
3. position peanut butter cups beside the cookie to resemble the body
4. Cut and bend pipecleaners to form the neck and head to your liking
5. Eat!

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