Embracing The Animal-lover In Your Child

Kids may have changed tremendously over the years with their fashion sense and playtime activities but one thing has stayed the same---their love for animals.

How many of us asked for a pet pony (a fanciful unicorn, even) when we were little girls? Or heard our brothers plead for that cute little puppy inside the pet store?

When children and animals strike a bond, it comes so naturally and is a beautiful sight to behold. Little girls are especially drawn to soft and fluffy creatures. They grow quite attached to their pet dogs, cats, and bunnies and would take them along everywhere if they could.

Showing them off to their friends in the backyard or taking them for an afternoon stroll in the park are just some of the ways kids publicly show their affection for these animals.

But of course, not all places allow entrance of pets or animals, for that matter. For instance, schools won’t allow children to bring their four-legged pals with them. An exception may be made for show and tell and certain occasions but on normal days, children have to wait to go home and spend time with their pets.

So in light of our furry friends, why not wear accessories that embrace the animal-lover, a tribute to our favorite pets and animals. The products are endless, from head to toe, like baby bear printed-socks, faux fur baby hats, dolphin-themed mittens, and cute monkey hair clips.

Sporting hair accessories in animal themes shows off our animal affection, plus they look so darn cute! Here at No Slippy Hair Clippy, we have two very special collections that cater to your animal-loving kids.

We have the Zahara Animals wildlife collection featuring a variety of exotic and farm animals. The clip collection includes the following well-loved animals: monkey, penguin, sheep, turtle, cow, frog and chick.

Our Mila Baby Animals clip collection, on the other hand, proudly displays the adorable faces of kittens, lambs, piglets, lion, cow, on our mini hair clip, for those babies with barely there hair.

Your kids are sure to appreciate these adorable collections, and best of all, they can bring their furry friends anywhere and anytime!