Ask Annie!

In this new section, I will be responding to questions from No Slippy Hair Clippy readers and dishing all sorts of hair advice. Posts are updated every week so keep coming back here :)

Dominique from Ohio wrote:

Dear Annie,

My daughter is turning 1 this December (yay!) and we're going to have a party. The theme will be Alice in Wonderland and I'd like her to be in an Alice costume. Any suggestions on what kind of bow or headband she should be wearing?

Oh that’s a splendid idea, Dominique! Every little girl has an Alice inside of her---curious, imaginative and innocent.

Her sense of style captures just that. Throughout the original Disney animated move, Alice is seen sporting a black headband with a huge bow in the center.

You’re in luck! Look no further as No Slippy Hair Clippy has the baby bow your darling daughter needs to complete her whimsical getup.

Take a look at our Payton bow in black:

Now isn’t that just perfect for her baby Alice in Wonderland costume? We added white dots for that festive touch. I’m sure she’ll look positively adorable with it!

Hair accessories with huge bows look really cute and charming yet standout, which is oh-so-very Alice. Like all of our products, the Payton bow is non-slip guaranteeing a gentle yet firm hold.

It’s available in 4 other colors too: bubblegum, navy, red and shocking pink. Your daughter might like our Payton clip so much that she’d want to get them in all colors!

I hope you all have a wonderful time at the party!