Ask Annie!

Audrey from Chicago wrote:

Hello Annie,

My husband and I just enrolled our 10-year old daughter in a private school for girls. So far, she’s been adjusting really well…except for the uniform. She loves accessorizing but the school has a strict policy about this. Only a watch, white socks, clear nail polish, stud type earrings and simple black or white hair accessories are allowed. She’s not too happy with what she calls “boring not-color colors” on her hair. Do you have suggestions on fun black and white hair accessories?

I know that girls her age tend to go for accessories with bursts of color like fuchsia and turquoise, for example. But rules are rules. It’s good to hear that she’s a fan of accessories even when her options are limited.

Jeweled, feathered and ruffled hair accessories are definitely out of the question, even if they come in black or white. They are too distracting and flashy for a 10 year-old girl. I would not recommend black or white sequined headbands either. They may not be too dressy for some but they’re more appropriate to wear for a party rather than school.

I would recommend black and white polka-dotted, striped or checkered hair accessories but those designs are still pretty basic. My top suggestion? Animal prints!

Pictured below is No Slippy Hair Clippy’s Zebra print hair clip.

It’s from Clipettes™, our adorable modern hair clip line that ranges from $2.95 to $4.95. Fully lined in grosgrain and measuring at 1-3/4", this stylish, school-board approved clip is just the thing for your daughter!

Apart from the unique design, what’s interesting is that this clip is playful yet subtle. There’s no doubt your daughter will love it, Audrey :)