5 Steps to a Better You!

Being a mom is arguably the most under appreciated title in the world. We are loving, dedicated and hardworking 24/7, but aren’t there days you’re missing your “me time”? I call it, BC- Before Children!

Since No Slippy Hair Clippy’s mission is to make the world prettier one girl at a time (of any age!), we have a few tricks that might give you a refreshing new boost! We must not forget that we deserve to be pampered too! It’s those little things that can make a big difference, and you won’t have to endure a head-to-toe makeover. Seriously, who has the time for that? All you need are a few little steps here and there, and the outcome can be very uplifting.

The Skin You’re In
Your skin ages with you, so as the years roll by, it may start to develop brown spots and splotches. It’s simply how nature works and is beyond anyone’s control. But you can do something to at least make sure that your skin tone is even! Look for skin products that are especially formulated to address this and include them in your morning and bedtime beauty routines.

Hair We Go!
Let your hair down! For an entire day, resist any urge to put your hair up in the usual bun or ponytail. Just keep some shorter strands away from your face by using one of your favorite No Slippy Hair Clips and you’re good to go! Or, if you really have to bun it up, acessorize with a lovely hair clip! Sometimes, it's the simplest things like these that can do wonders in helping you relax and rejuvenate. All you have to do now is to count how many compliments will come your way.

As they say, big things can come in small packages. Accessories may be small, but they make big style statements—even when you’re at home! An instant dose of pretty always helps to boost your mood. Experiment on adding a bracelet or two, or maybe cute earrings, or even a dainty headband. Mix and match with your outfits and pretty soon, you’ll find yourself coordinating stylishly and with ease.

You Are What You Eat
The “D”-word may automatically trigger an eye-roll from you, but you can stay healthy even without having to do major overhauls to your diet. Start with a healthy baby steps. Resist those urges to snack by choosing a favorite fruit. (I recently discovered Honey Crips Apples, from Washington state, and they are unbelievable!) Stay away from grazing on your kids’ food, from picking at the leftovers, and secretly snatching Mc D’s french fries (you can’t just have one!) If you can avoid those nickel-and-dime calories, it will be easier to make wiser decisions with food. Sit down and eat a meal. Chew and enjoy your food whenever possible. It can help by simply making this change. (Easier said than done, definitely!)

Tea for Two—Or Just for You!
Oftentimes, there’s nothing like a freshly-brewed cuppa’ joe! But even though coffee perks us up and gets us going, it can also be the reason why we’re jittery and even a little stressed. A healthier substitute is green tea, which is packed with antioxidants that help boost metabolism and does wonders for the skin, but doesn’t usually have the adverse reactions as coffee sometimes does. ( I still love my coffee!)