Whatever it Takes to Save a Child- From Unicef 9/20/10

Our involvement with UNICEF began last January, with the crisis in Haiti. “Hair Clips for Haiti” is one way No Slippy Hair Clippy® continues to support this reputable charity, with a portion of proceeds from online sales going to this fund. When someone makes a purchase from No Slippy®, they are helping support UNICEF, and children all over the world.

Thank you for making the world prettier, one child at a time!

Annie Salyer
Chief Executive Officer
No Slippy Hair Clippy, Inc.

And now I'm sharing with you the latest newsletter that UNICEF sent to us:

Dear Annie,

We have exciting news to share today: child mortality rates have dropped from 24,000 preventable deaths per day to 22,000. We are now closer than ever before to the day when zero children die from preventable causes. Your commitment and support of UNICEF have made this progress possible. And it is only with sustained support that this number will continue to drop.

Historic flooding in Pakistan has proved to be one of the worst humanitarian crises in recent memory. Millions of children continue to rely on UNICEF's emergency operations. Read about UNICEF's work to get learning and recreation centers set up in all the temporary camps in the flood zone.

Finally, find out more about UNICEF's work to create child-friendly schools even in the midst of disaster.

Thank you for your commitment to the world's children!

Alisa Aydin
US Fund for UNICEF

If you would like to help, find out more on UNICEF's website.