Shampoo Smarter

The first step to healthy looking hair is to cleanse intelligently! No Slippy Hair Clippy shares these tips to gorgeous, healthy tresses.

Oftentimes, we take washing our hair for granted. It is such a normal part of our routine that we don’t really put much thought into it. However, did you know that a lazy wash can leave residue on your strands? This will leave your hair flat and lifeless. To get a healthy shine, try the following easy steps:

Soak up!
Make sure that your hair is thoroughly wet. With more water, you get more lather. This will help distribute the shampoo throughout the strands.

Before applying shampoo to your hair, rub it first between your palms. First massage at your nape and then spend time working it around your temples and hairline. These areas are often the oiliest and are unfortunately the ones that most people speed over. Afterwards, move on to other areas of your hair.

Happy Endings
Your hair produces its own natural oils. So it is no surprise that among the oiliest areas on your hair is at the root. When you wash your hair, it is likely that you concentrate on the roots, and that’s good. But don't ignore the ends! This is the oldest part of your hair and attracts the most dirt and product buildup. Pull up the ends of your hair and then massage with the rest of your tresses. Work into a lather for two to three minutes.

Bye Bye Bubbles
Rinse well! Lift your hair at the roots then tousle until the water runs clear and without bubbles. If any shampoo is left behind, your hair will look dull.

Repeat these four easy steps every other day. If your hair is oily or needs extra attention, you can do these daily. Add a little more pizzazz with hair accessories and then all that is left for you to do is to flaunt your healthy, bouncy locks!