Hair Discipline 101 Part 2

A continuation of tips for how to get your hair to behave especially for this eventful back-to-school season!

Issue #3 Limp and Lifeless Hair

It’s hot and your hair shows it. It is important to note that you may need to swap your hair care products depending on the weather. When the hot seasons come in, you may have to say goodbye of your cold-weather regimen in favor of products that help your hair react better in the heat.

Solution: Go for hair products that are not oil-based or cream-based. These will only weigh your hair down and make it look even more limp and lifeless. Choose water-based volumizers to add the needed boost. You can also spritz on an anti-humidity hairspray at your roots and then blow-dry your hair into place.

If you're not so big on hair styling products, then make sure your shampoo and conditioner aren’t weighing your hair down. Avoid using too much shampoo; a little goes a long way. As for conditioners, limit use on the ponytail of your hair only. You scalp already produces natural oils and adding more oil might just weigh your hair down.

Issue #4 Highlight Problems

When you’re out in the sun too much, you may be over exposing your hair which can cause damage. If you have color-treated hair, the sun brings out unwanted warmth in your highlighted or lightened strands.

Solution: Use shampoos with blue or violet pigment to counteract yellow, red, and orange tones.

Issue #5 Green Hair!

No, this isn’t because you’re turning into the Hulk. It’s all thanks to all those trips to the pool last summer. Just as copper metal turns into a turquoise color from the oxidation process, chlorine reacts with the hard metals in the pool water and creates a similar effect. Your hair absorbs these metals and ends up giving your hair a greenish tinge.

Solution: Use a post-swim shampoo specially formulated to remove pool and hard-water buildup.