Celebrating 1000 Fans! Plus a Discount Code

In celebration of No Slippy Hair Clippy's 1000 fans on Facebook, we have decided to give away a $25 gift certificate on purchases made at www.hairclippy.com!

We posted the giveaway on our Facebook Fan Page and invited all our fans to join simply by commenting on our post! Overnight, we received 33 fantastic comments and with the help of a True Random Number Generator chose one lucky winner:

Comment #27 belongs to Maryann Spindler Eden! Congratulations and we hope you and your little one enjoy all the No Slippy Hair Clippy hair accessories!

To all our fans, whether in Facebook or not, we cannot thank you enough for the continued support! You can look forward to more fun styles and exciting giveaways soon!

Currently on-going is our 30% off on EVERYTHING on our website! Simply use this code during checkout: nshc810. Expires August 11, 2010 at midnight!

Have fun shopping and enjoy our hair accessories for all the ages and stages of your girls :)