Beautiful Updos for Busy Moms

Are you too busy to think about your hair? With the hectic schedules we lead, especially this back-to-school season, we sometimes limit the choices of our hair styles. We either pull it up, or wear it down, and nothing in between. Since it’s No Slippy’s mission to make the world prettier one girl at a time, we thought this week was perfect timing to share some hair tips that might inspire you to try a new hairstyle!

What we’re seeing is a lot of cool up-dos that are easy to do, and can take you from day-time chic to classy evening attire quite effortlessly. Looking fabulous all day and night, what a concept!

Braid ‘Em Up
Braids are all the rage everywhere, even celebrities and runway models are showing up in braids. And they can’t be any easier! Just braid your hair as you normally would, but for a stylish twist, braid slightly to the side so you can wear the braid out over your shoulder and then secure it with a pretty bow for an ultra feminine look.

Go Messy
This is your go-to hairdo for “no-time, stressed out” days because the messier it is, the better! Simply gather your hair loosely at the back of your neck with an elastic band or bobby pins. You can leave pieces out at front to frame your face.

You’ve Been Framed
If your hair is not long enough for an up-do, do some face-framing tricks. Pin your hair back at the nape of your neck with bobby pins. Keep it secure by arranging the bobby pins in an “X” fashion. This will make a low ponytail minus the elastic band. Then gently take away one side of your hair’s front section. Flat-iron that section so it dramatically frames your face. It may not stay up as long as the other up-dos, but it’s a high-fashion look that requires low effort.

Almost any hair woe can be fixed with fashionable hair accessories. The simple addition of a headband to a low bun instantly adds character to the hairstyle. Try one of our No Slippy® clips or headbands! They’re sure to give extra pizzazz to any hairstyle!

Half and Half
If you have extra-thick hair, a half-up ‘do is a great choice. This will take a little more time, but the results are worth it! Apply a golf-ball-size amount of mousse on your hair and then blow-dry it until about 75% dry. Backcomb the hair at the crown of your head. Using a round brush, dry your hair the rest of the way through. Pin up the front section of your hair with bobby pins and then curl the ends.

Lopsided Bun
Here’s a fun twist to your good old bun. Pile your hair high, but instead of securing it with an elastic band, split the ponytail into two parts. Twist each part into the base of the ponytail and then secure.

These are all ideas that might give some flair back to your hair. Try one and see, you just never know until you try!