Top Hair Secrets from the Top Stylists

For a lot of women, good hair is their crowning glory. They want their hair to look fit for the queens that they are! The problem is, not every day is a good-hair-day. Some days you’re going to find yourself standing in front of the mirror trying to tame disobedient hair. On this topic, Reader’s Digest Magazine recently shared some hair tips from the top hair stylists in the industry today!

Prolong a Blow Dry
from "Today Show" stylist Jim Clinton

• Sleep with a scrunchie. Pull your hair up like the character Pebbles in Flintstones. Then just pull off and fluff the next morning.
• Prevent ridges in your hair by using satin pillowcases.
• When showering, cover your hair line by using a towel underneath your shower cap.
• After showering, hit the roots with your blow dryer.

Make Your Hair Color Last
from celebrity stylist Louis Licari

• Use shampoos and conditioners that are specifically formulated for color-treated hair.
• To cover roots in a pinch, use color mascara or a color stick.
• After getting your color treatment, do not wash your hair for 2 days to allow the dye to set.

Save Your Shampoo
from Madison Avenue’s Oscar Blandi

• If you have to or want to skip washing your hair, use new dry shampoos instead. Simply spray on your roots and brush through.
• No dry shampoo at hand? Use baby powder! But make sure you thoroughly brush the white powder into your hair.

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