Hair Nightmare? Here We Come to Save the Day!

So… you’re having one of those days when your hair decides to rebel? This week, the No Slippy Style Train is ready to share some tricks of the trade for taming your tresses. And you don’t even have to break a sweat or spend a dime!

The first stop: quick fixes for the most common hair nightmares. No Slippy Hair Clippy says: A stylish hair accessory will not only enhance your overall look, it can also start a conversation!

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When Your Hair Gets Entangled in a Round Brush:

* If you panic and tug; the knots only get tighter.

* Gently remove as much hair as you can with your fingers, and clip up the freed strands.

* Using a rattail comb, knitting needle, or any stick with a thin tip, dislodge the remaining hair bit by bit from the bristles.

When Your Dye Job Goes Awry

* See a professional colorist as soon as possible. This may be more complicated than normal coloring, so be prepared to pay more.

* If you can not set an appointment immediately, wear your hair curly. This will make the botched colors less noticeable.

When You Mess Up Trimming Your Bangs

* If you accidentally chop off too much on one side, it’s time to do a side sweep! Part your hair on the side where your bangs are the longest, then sweep them across your forehead.

* If you trimmed your bangs straight but too short, you can brush them against your forehead and place a scarf or headband at your hairline. This will nudge them down to a normal-looking length.

When You Get a Burn from Your Curling Iron

* Assess the burn. A first degree burn has redness but no blistering. A second degree burn has inflammation and mild blistering.

* If it looks like a first-degree burn, apply an antibiotic ointment twice a day to guard against infection. In the meantime, avoid sun exposure to prevent discoloration. If it looks like a second-degree burn, see a physician for a prescription topical antibiotic.

* Until it heals, don't use makeup on the burn. You can disguise it by leaving your locks loose and tousling them forward.

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