Take the Beach Home!

Or maybe some parts of it, at least ;)

As you prepare for a little more sun time this month, why not make the most of your trips to the beach? Kaboose suggests that you make cool sand-filled bottles to remember that fun day at the beach with your kids.

What you'll need:
wax paper
colored chalk (as many different colors as you like)
clear glass or plastic bottles
stick or pencil
white glue or bottle cap
cutting board

How to make it:

1. Cover the work surface with newspaper.

2. Place a sheet of wax paper on a cutting board.

3. Place some sand on the wax paper. Roll a piece of colored chalk across the sand until the sand is completely changed to that color.

4. Carefully lift the wax paper and gently shake the sand to the center of the wax paper. Hold both ends of the paper up to use it as a pour spout to pour the colored sand into the bottle. You can use a funnel if you find it easier.

5. Use a stick or the eraser end of a pencil to make a few dips in the sand.

6. Repeat these steps until you have several colors of sand layered in your bottle(s).

7. If you have a cap for your bottle, be sure to fill it completely with sand and press down firmly on the sand to compact it. Place cap on tight. If you do not have a bottle cap, fill sand to about ½” from the top of the bottle. Compact the sand with a pencil or your finger if it fits in the opening and then fill to the top with glue and let dry.

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Image from Kaboose.