Some More for Daddy

Father's Day has come and gone, but the dads in our lives are too special to celebrate in just one day, right? Surprise him with post-Father's Day gifts that you and your kids can easily make at home.

Here are great ideas from LilSugar:

* Bake a Father’s Day cake (or cupcakes). Snatch up some glitz in the baking aisle to frou-frou it up. You can write out your own “Happy Father’s Day Daddy!” with a tube of blue frosting. If your little one is old enough to enjoy a song and a good clap, grab the opening to sing “Happy Father’s Day to you” in the tune of “Happy Birthday” and you will have your munchkin involved in no time. Not to mention, they’ll love a couple bites of that cake!

* Have them “make” Daddy a card. Washable finger-paint, markers, and crayons are wonderful for this kind of occasion. If your little one is a bit too young to be introduced to the world of finger-painting artistry, you can make “baby’s signature” handprints by using washable finger-paint on a piece of construction paper.

* Use photos! Take the adorable stash of photos you undoubtedly have of your little one and Daddy to form a photo album or a collage.

And here's one from us!

* Dress up for Dad. Let your little girl greet him with a sunny smile, a pretty dress and precious hair accessories. Make him feel extra special by looking extra special and maybe taking him on an all-dressed-up lunch or dinner at home. Why not roll out a red carpet for him, too? Any red-colored rug would do! It's a whole new experience that we're sure he'll remember fondly. Of course, if we're talking about hair accessories, there's nothing more special out there than *ahem* No Slippy Hair Clippy!

This darling little lady is wearing our Shayla Ribbed Organza Baby Bow in light blue! The lovely bow is available in nine colors, so you have something to match all your daughter's favorite dresses.

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No Slippy Hair Clippy Image shot by Amanda Elkins