Planning Perfect Picnics

As promised, here are top tips for planning a perfect picnic with your family! It's sunny outside, nature is beckoning you and you deserve some form of escape from the ordinary, routine, everyday!

Want to fully enjoy your day of communing with nature? Read on:

Be realistic about transportation. If your picnic site requires some walking, pack in a comfortable backpack or a cooler with wheels and save the quaint baskets for short strolls or drive-in areas.

Encourage interaction. Instead of preparing sandwiches, tote in a deli-bar, complete with fresh rolls, meats, cheeses and condiments. Everyone creates his or her own meal and no one complains about soggy bread.

Remember food safety when creating your menu. It's best to leave things like mayonnaise and seafood at home on warm summer days. However, if you can't imagine a potato salad-less picnic, just make sure to keep it in a cooler or over ice until just before serving.

Use circumstances to your benefit. Try to construct your menu around pasta salads, salsas and other composed dishes that are dressed in vinaigrette marinades. These items, high in acidity, hold up well in the heat and continue to take on wonderful flavor with time.

Most importantly, relax and enjoy the luxury of dining in nature. Outside the confines of a dining room, strict rules of etiquette need not apply!

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Have fun and enjoy the outdoors!