Clipettes in Earnshaw's!

We are so thrilled that our dear friends at Earnshaw's Magazine has featured No Slippy Hair Clippy's Clipettes in their April/May 2010 issue!

Clipettes is our newest line of mini clips. They may be adorably small in size, but we definitely did not scrimp on quality for these babies! Each mini clip (1 3/4-inch) is fully lined in grosgrain, including the pinch area. This ensures that you still get our promise of a non-slip clip :o)

Plus, they come in lovely designs (I'm loving the leopard and zebra prints!) and retail at only $2.95.

Clipettes Frogs
(also available: Ladybugs)

Clipettes Flowers

Clipettes Zebra Print

Clipettes Dots
(available in 5 colors)

More mini clips on our newly revamped website:!