Best Summer Hairstyles

I love summer (next to spring, though, but I love it nonetheless). First of all, and I won't deny it, I love it because school's out: back when I was still in school and even until now! There's just that fantastic feeling of slowing down, taking things a wee bit easy, more opportunities to sleep in, and of course, all the activities you can do now that you and your kids aren't swamped with schoolwork.

Second, summer always opens so many opportunities to go out and have some fun sun time. Of course, if you're going out there to strut your stuff, you'll have to be at your best. Well, for all things hairstyle, you know you can count on me *wink*

This season, to see the trendiest hairstyles, just look at the stars. Hollywood, that is. Being public figures, celebrities know that staying in the public eye is either looking horrific or looking fabulous. Like us, normal human beings, most of them thankfully choose the latter. So here's an excerpt of's top celebrity hair trends for summer:


Wavy Bob
For a carefree summer do, above-the-shoulder waves are the way to go. Both Zoe Saldana and Jessica Alba have recently trimmed their tresses to sport this tousled style.

Messy Side Braid
Boho-chic fashionista Nicole Richie rocks a messy side-braid effortlessly.

Ballerina Bun
As Rachel McAdams demonstrates, a ballerina bun is ideal for showing off shoulders and statement earrings.

Straight Hair
Beach waves are always fun for summer, but as the spring and fall catwalks proved, straight strands like Reese Witherspoon's are back.

Pixie Cut
It Girl Carey Mulligan and her Twiggy-esque do have been ruling the red carpet.

Side Pony
Showcasing this sideswept look just right: reality TV star turned author Lauren Conrad.
And here's one from us!

No matter what type of hair you have, summery hair accessories will always give you that extra oomph! Just like this fun and playful Tonya headband!

Or this dainty and delicate Ryan hairclip!

More trendy summer hairstyles at!

Have a fun summer ;o)

No Slippy Hair Clippy photos by Amanda Elkins. Celebrity photos from Getty Images.