Top 5 Wardrobe Essentials

Women's fashion is undeniably a LOT more complicated than men's. Or at least I've always thought so. I mean, how complicated could shirt and pants get? Get a decent pair of slacks and a crisp polo shirt and you're basically all set (plus shoes, of course). With women... where do you even start?!

Blouse or polo or shirt or tank top?
Pants or jeans or skirt?
Then if it's a skirt: A-line or high-waist or balloon?
Not to mention the accessories!

This is not to bash the men, of course. I'm just saying that with women's wear, there's just too many choices you have to make! Particularly with-ahem-style challenged people like me, it's hard even to think of building a decent wardrobe.

Good thing I crashed in because the lovely folks there compiled the top 5 wardrobe essentials that they say "every woman should own." Consider it a "starter kit" then you build your wardrobe from there!

Here's two items they mentioned:

Take a note from Michelle Obama, and find your best fitting cardigan to pair with jeans, skirts, and dresses. A great piece to keep in your desk when the chill is on blast.

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Ideal for the urban city dweller, green commuter and mom on the go, a flat snadal with unique detailig like beads, bold colors or stones is a great and chic alternative to sneakers.

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To see the rest of the items, you can visit StyleBakery here! :o)