Freedom from Frizz

I don't know about you, but when my hair gets static-y I don't get ecstatic over it. As much as I want to have picture perfect hair like all those shampoo commercial girls, I am unfortunately just a meek human being. Nevertheless, there is hope for you and me! Teen Vogue clues us in on solutions to static hair:

1) When styling hair, try not to use a plastic or metal hairbrush. Instead opt to utilize a brush with all natural bristles.

2) When brushing hair, first spritz the brush with spray gloss to avoid hair standing on end. Using the spray gloss isn't as greasy or harsh.

3) If it's a cold day outside and you need to wear a hat, to avoid the static cling flyaways, store a travel size styling wax in your bag. A tiny amount (on the fingertips) will go a long way.

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