Things I Love Thursday: St. Patty's and Easter!

It's Thursday once again--time to share some things I've been loving lately! If you'd like to join in the fun, check out Things I Love Thursday :o) Here's mine:

I don't know about you, but I sure am in the mood for some more sunshine! I'm excited not only about Spring finally knocking at my doors, but also for the celebrations that it brings with it: St. Patrick's Day and Easter!

I just love it when everyone is out and about again. In good spirits and ready for some mingling and maybe a little feasting (don't you just love party food?) It's especially fun to see kids enjoying themselves in the festivities.

Pretty soon, we'll be seeing everyone go green again. Last year, I saw a bunch of kids all decked out in their leprechaun costumes! One seemed particularly eager to find that pot of gold. The poor kid... Then after that, we'll be hunting for some colorful Easter eggs. It melts my heart when I see kids huddled together and munching on their Easter candies. Some even negotiating with the others to exchange candies! In any celebration, I think it's the children who bring some fun and some life. It's infectious!

To welcome the upcoming holidays, I'd like to share with you our Clips of the Month. Take note: clips! Because we decided to come out with two styles this month. One that is perfect for St. Patty's and another that is perfect for Easter:

We hope you make us a part of your celebrations! :o) We'd be thrilled!

And my, my, speaking of celebrations, how quickly time flies! It's as if only yesterday, we were talking about our New Year's resolutions, weren't we? Now we're thinking about leprechauns and Easter eggs! It's almost mid-year already!