Ruby Tuesday!

Lately, I have been dreaming about spring finally coming into full bloom. Winter is great, sure. And I do enjoy the snow (especially with global warming making some places unbearably scorching hot). But now I think I'm in the mood for a little more sun, a little more color, a little more life!

So for this Ruby Tuesday, I decided to post two images that shout out bloom, bloom, bloom!

I have always been in love with cherry blossoms. Their subtle beauty mesmerizes me. In full bloom, the flowers are a breathtaking shade of pink. When the petals dance into the air, you are almost swept off into a world of fanciful whim.

I know, I know, it's not PINK Tuesday. So I made sure there's a hint of red somewhere in the photo as well. That's why I am thrilled to have found this image with an actual cherry in it! It's not a striking red, not even ruby red, but it does pop out at you. It looks so fresh and just there for you for the picking!

To make up for a not-so-red photo, I decided to also post this next one. It's one of our most flamboyant flower headbands (can you tell? haha!) and I adore how striking it is. And yet it still looks very dainty. Understandably, we named this line "Show Stopper." Because when people see your little girl abloom in this, everyone WILL stop and look!

I hope all you ladies have a bright week ahead of you!

For more fantastic red images, or if you'd like to add some of your own, please do join Ruby Tuesday here!