Blue Monday!

It's Monday once again so it's time for all things Blue!

I have posted this photo in a previous entry, but I thought of posting it again for Blue Monday since I absolutely adore this baby. She is the darling baby daughter of one of our dear friends, Margaret. I have actually just told Margaret a while ago how crazy in love I am with her baby! And look at this charmer, who wouldn't fall in love?

In this photo, she is even wearing our Bubble Dot Organza Bow on Organdy Band. It's actually Lavender, but it has blue details ;o)

Margaret is also a mommy blogger and I always visit her blog because she has loads of interesting stuff. If you're a book lover, you'd adore her blog too because she has written heaps of book reviews! Go ahead and say hello to her at Creative Madness.

If you would also like to share blue things that you fancy, join in the fun and visit Smiling Sally, our lovely host. She is actually scheduled for another operation, so she is in our thoughts and prayers. Please do take time to drop her an encouraging note!

What's your favorite day of the week? Would you consider your Mondays "blue"?