Best-Kept Hair Secrets

Putting your best foot forward is all well and good. But then once you have it forward, you'll have to make sure that the rest of you is at its best too!

One of the first things that people notice is hair. Whether you have stick straight or crazy curly or somewhere-in-between hair, here are the best-kept secret tips for improving your hair from MSN Lifestyle (get ready to take notes, there's 33 of them):

The 33 Best-Kept Hair Secrets

To create volume...
Mist your roots at the crown of your head with a volumizing spray when your hair is dry. Then blow-dry the section of the hair in the opposite direction that it normally falls while using your fingers or a brush to lift the roots up and over. Once dry, flip the hair over and gently smooth it out with a brush. You can do this on small sections around your entire head for even more major results.

For sleek and shiny hair...
Apply a lightweight leave-in conditioner on damp hair before drying. For medium to thick hair, apply a bit of styling cream to keep strands smooth. Use a flat brush to go underneath your hair and keep the dryer aimed downward. When the section of hair is almost dry, switch to a round brush so that you have some bend at the ends. If it's humid outside, mist your hair with a protective styling spray and run a flatiron from your ears down.

For beachy waves...

Start with towel-dried hair and apply any kind of volumizing product to your roots. Put a quarter-sized amount of styling cream on your ends, working in small sections for even coverage. Take a small section of your hair and twirl downward, repeating all over your head. Blow-dry by pointing the dryer down toward your head a few inches away from hair, twirling sections around your finger. When you are finished twisting each section, scrunch your hair while blow-drying to amp up the volume and texture. For a more defined look, wrap sections of hair around a medium-sized curling iron.

For a faux bob...
Make a low, loose ponytail. Tuck the tail under and secure with hairpins. Let your face-framing pieces hang loose and curl with a smaller-sized curling iron. VoilĂ ! Short hair, no cutting required.

Read the rest of the tips here (includes loads of helpful tips, like what to do when you're growing out short bangs!)

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