A Mommy Community

One of the things that is truly beautiful about parenthood is the bond that you get to share with fellow parents. There is nothing quite like it. It's a deep friendship that is rooted on shared experiences, shared joys, shared hurts, shared everything!

That's why I feel fortunate for being a part of CityMommy Cleveland. It feels great to have a place where you know you are welcomed and valued. CityMommy Cleveland is a local message board for moms. A place to talk to other moms about just about anything under the sun!

It's a part of CityMommy, a free social networking site for moms in 45 major cities across the United States. And its "branch" in Cleveland is run by a dear friend of mine, Lisa, who has graciously welcomed me into the group even though I'm not from Cleveland! (Here's a shout-out to Lisa for her awesomeness!)

If you'd like to be a part of this warm, welcoming community, feel free to join right in! With the daily challenges of mommy life, you will need a support group that you are sure will stand by you and help you get through :o)

Image from sxc.hu.