10 Things from Mom

Mother's Day is still out of sight, but then again, who said we can only celebrate our bonds with our moms once in a year? :o)

I recently found this sweet article from Lil Sugar and I felt compelled to share with you: whether you're a mom or a daughter.

10 Things Mothers Should Teach Their Daughters

The relationship between mothers and their daughters is an incredibly strong one. Moms raising girls have the power to shape the next generation of women and those to come by teaching their kids important lessons.

1. That confidence and independence are beautiful.

2. That size doesn't matter, but wasting her time worrying about it does.

3. That brilliance should never be downplayed.

4. That emotions are liberating so she should go ahead and laugh, cry or scream.

5. To always have enough money to pay her own way, but to be gracious when someone else treats. And to be generous with what she has.

6. To not make age an excuse for her actions.

7. That "mean girls" are really just insecure.

8. That she has an amazing power to make a difference in life.

9. To actively pursue her dreams especially those that seem unattainable.

10. That the love she will give and receive is limitless.

What things did your mom teach you that you would pass on to your own daughters? What would you add to this list? Do you agree or disagree with the things listed here?