Mad About Clippy

This new year is really turning out extremely well! We've been a bunch of busy bees with so many orders, have been up-and-about to prepare for the Boom Boom Room 2010 in LA, plus we've also been getting one fabulous review after the other! Like this new one from dear mommy blogger Margaret of Creative Madness. She says:

"What I love about the Hair Clippy collections is that there are so many to choose from! There are cute every outfit clips and formal clips and seasonal clips. There are bows and flowers as well as novelties and others. I love our NSHCs and cannot wait to add more. Right now I am vying for a red clip, I just need to decide what I want. With all the styles and colors, it is near impossible to not find a clip that would be perfect for any occasion.

These clips really are fabulous. I do not hesitate to recommend them to anyone and have many times. They are very well made and never come out on their own (little fingers work them out or rolling about can too). I am very happy with them and cannot wait to get more. I am a little frightened though, adding to this collection may become very addicting."

And here is a photo of her lovely, lovely daughter!

You can read the rest of her review (and see more adorable baby photos) here. Her blog is really lovely and her articles are very interesting! Bookworm moms would especially love her recommended reads :)

Thank you so much, Margaret! Your kind words inspire us to get better and better and better! Thanks, too, for lending us these wonderful images!