Crazy Quizzes

Don't you just love quizzes? Not the ones that made us break into cold sweat in high school. I meant, the really fun ones! I really enjoy taking them. They are may not always be accurate, but the results are always fun and sometimes, even reveal something true or new about you.

In Quizilla, you'll find a whole world of quizzes that cover just about everything under the sun. From the logical: What do your clothes say about you?, How confident are you?, Are you happy with yourself? To the quirky: What lip gloss flavor are you?, Who's your prince charming?, What's your magical power? (Remind me to take that last one!)

Created by mere mortals like you and me, the questions are simple and candid. It can be downright addicting too! I recently took the What type of book character would you be? quiz. My result: a minion! Awww... and I was hoping to be the heroine!

MINION: "You're probably kind of a follower, but you are more important than you may know. You see, the villain couldn't possibly do the stuff they think they can do without you. You're the base of the story, making everything happen."

Go take a break and try it for yourself! There are tons more here. Enjoy! :)