Party Perfect Hairstyles

What's even better than a hoppin' holiday party? You being glam in that hoppin' holiday party, of course! And don't give me any old excuse that it's just with some of your closest friends anyway or a bunch of relatives. Unacceptable! You've been a hardworking mommy all year long, forgotten to shower several times (admit it), and average only three hours of sleep per night! This is that one time when you can unleash your inner goddess and not have to explain yourself.

So take out that favorite dress, put on some bling and glam up with these celebrity hairstyles with easy steps and handy tips from

Ravishing like Reese

Channel Reese Witherspoon's classically glam layers by following these steps:

Step 1: Apply thickening lotion to wet hair to add lift before blow drying it.

Step 2: Create a bit more volume at the back of your crown by teasing a three-inch square section. Smooth a top layer of hair over the teased area with a brush to hide it.

Step 3: Use a curling iron held vertically to add soft waves all over. Start the curls at ear height, so the top of your hair remains straight. And be sure to wrap your hair around the iron, instead of clamping it in. Set the look with hairspray.

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While you're at it, top your new 'do with girly hair accessories and get ready to sign a few autographs!

Photo courtesy of Getty Images.