Holiday Partying Without Adding the Pounds

Let's face it, ladies. Sometimes it's hard to ignore that perfectly roasted turkey beckoning us to get just a little more. It lies golden on the dining table, the sheen coming from the buttery fats glazed over it. Even from afar, you can almost hear its crisp skin breaking, to reveal the moist tender meat underneath. Ahhh... the holidays.

But then 20 pounds later, you find that giving in to the turkey (or steak or pasta or...) was not a very nice thing to do. Of course, I'm not saying that you should starve yourself these holidays. Go ahead and celebrate! But remember to pace yourself and take everything in moderation.

For all the celebration dinners you will be having, here are a few helpful and DOABLE tips from E-zine Articles:

1. Eat your food mindfully. If you slow down your pace and become more conscious of the food, you will naturally eat less and make better food choices without anyone catching on. Here is the trick, chew every bite of food thoroughly and then swallow EVERY morsel in your mouth before taking the next bite.

2. Divide your plate. To be sure you are getting the right foods in the right amount at a dinner party, divide your plate. Fill the top half with vegetables or salad and the bottom half with one serving of protein and one serving of carbohydrate. You get a complete and healthy meal without counting calories.

3. Drink water. Carry around a glass of water (even add a splash of lemon or fruit) like it is attached to your hand. This will allow you to do something other than reach for a snack and it is social.

4. Don't go too hungry. You are not doing yourself or your body any favors by starving before a party. Your body will store more of what you eat at the party as fat if you starve ahead of time because you throw off your natural balance. Eat light but often before the party.

5. Use a stopper. This is a great trick. It is simply having something ready to do that is not compatible with snacking. A quick and easily available stopper is a minty piece of gum or breath mint.

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See? That doesn't seem so hard! More importantly, you still get to enjoy the food (come on, who goes to a party without the intention of eating?).

I do have an additional tip and I think it's so fabulous: dress up your little darling with super adorable baby hair accessories and you'll be too busy with all the guests' attention that it would be impossible to overeat! These make great baby gifts, too.

Happy, lovely holidays!