Gossip Baby?

I am not exactly a big fan of Gossip Girl, but I've always thought that Leighton Meester is so lovely! And I absolutely adore that her character in the show, Blair Waldorf, loves to wear those pretty headbands. I think they make her look even lovelier, don't you?

Well, for moms out there who want their little angels to channel this upper east side cutie, here's something from No Slippy Hair Clippy's Head Bands selection.

The headbands are made of lightweight materials like Swiss velvet, satin, organdy, lace, organic cotton and stretch grosgrain. So they stay atop your daughter's head without hurting her. Plus, with such adorable designs as those, do you really need any more convincing? :) Hair accessories should not be the same ol' boring ponytail! I say go ahead and prettify your baby!

Here's to lovely days ahead!

Leighton Meester image courtesy of InStyle.