Gives Me Hope

These are hard times we're living in today, don't you think? It's so easy to get distracted by all the day-to-day challenges. Sometimes, getting through one day can be hard enough! (Not to mention those times when TANTRUM seems to be part of your kids' SOP.) is a site that is updated daily by ordinary people, like you and me, with real experiences that inspired them. It's similar to Twitter, except that every single post is inspirational and positive.

I find that when I need a little boost on very trying days, reading about people's little stories of joy moves me to look past the imperfections of the not-so-ideal situations I am in.

Recently, I read these from the site and they made me smile:

"Today, my teacher was telling us a story about her friend's adopted son and how he got picked on for it. One day at school a boy went up to him and said, 'I came from my mommy's tummy, where did you come from?' knowing the boy was adopted. His response? 'I came from my mommy's heart.' He was 6 years old at the time."

"Exactly 8 months ago, my grandpa lost his battle with cancer. By the end, he couldn't talk and wouldn't respond to any of us. A few moments before he took his last breath, he looked at my grandma and said, as clear as day, 'I love you.' They were married 51 years."