Girls Just Want to Have Fun...

Ahh the week after Christmas... You are either too bloated with that Christmas dinner (or dinners, if you're very friendly!) to get out of bed, not-so-bloated and on your way to your post Christmas celebrations, thrilled with the gifts you received, disappointed with the gifts you received, glad it's over, sad it's over... Whatever mood you are in right now, I know that after all that hustle and bustle leading up to Christmas day, you deserve a little break!

As you contemplate the remaining days of this fabulous year, here's something fun you can do. I found a really cool site called that's chockfull of games that girls (or girls-at-heart!) would enjoy. You can choose from adventure games, makeover games, dress up games, puzzle games... All short, simple and sweet but a whole lot of fun!

My current favorite is called The Devilish Hairdresser, where you get to play a rather naughty hairstylist (oh come on, girly games don't always have to be so girly!) Just be careful that the Angelic Hairstylist doesn't catch you messing up any hairdos! Good for laughs!

Think you can make the cut? Click here!