Click for a Clip!

There's something about Christmas.

You see it, you feel it, you even smell it. It wafts about you playfully in the air. You can't quite explain what it is but somehow you just know. The atmosphere seems a little cheerier, people seem a little warmer, and sometimes, even food tastes a little better! There's simply no other experience like it on any other day throughout the year.

I don't know about you, but Christmastime is my favorite time of the year. In my family, Christmas has always been one crazy production number of sorts! Come December, the household becomes abuzz with activity. We set up decorations, we plan for holiday reunions and get-togethers, we make tons of Christmas cards, we cook up a storm in the kitchen for holiday dinners and of course, we shop until we drop for Christmas gifts! It all sounds stressful, and believe me it is, but it's actually a lot of fun too.

This is also the time of year when we can celebrate some family Christmas traditions. Some friends have made it a habit to drink hot cocoa by the fireplace come Christmas Eve. Others gather 'round and share what they're thankful for. Others watch old Christmas movies. One of my closest friends always makes it a point to dress up her little angel for the holidays. I kid you not---no mother in her right mind would miss any opportunity to show her child off to everyone!

Last year, she dressed her baby up as a ballerina, perfectly pretty in pink in her tutu and matching hair accessories. Needless to say, all the neighbors missed no opportunity to fawn over her. Some even threw in compliments like "She takes after her mom..." which I'm sure my friend didn't mind at all! What made it even better was that her hair clip stayed on her hair the whole time. I remember times when my friend would spend the day just clipping and clipping and clipping her baby's hair accessories, as they would always slip since her hair is very fine.

This Christmas, my friend is dressing her baby up as a princess. But I just know for sure that getting her a tiara would be a nightmare. It will either keep falling off her head for being too loose, or hurt her head for being too tight. We ladies love to say "no pain, no gain," but certainly not when it comes to our babies! My solution for her is to get her a baby-friendly but equally "royal" hair clip instead.

For mommies who love to play dress-up too, there's plenty to choose from--different styles and colors, but all adorable. Plus, you don't have to deal with those uncooperative clips anymore, just make sure to choose non-slip hair accessories.

Dainty little hair clips make perfect baby gifts too. Now, I know, I know, it's just days before Christmas. But you don't have to go out there and drown in all the holiday rush. You can easily complete your gift list by doing your holiday shopping online. I myself have been doing it for years and have found it very helpful. No more walking around all day, no more dodging that lady who also wants to get that dress, those shoes, etc., no more wasting time and energy on those long lines! You can shop for a lot more, too, for a lot less time. So go get hair accessories and more for your baby, for your niece, for your friend's baby, for your neighbor's baby, for every sweet little girl that you love. I'm sure you'll complete your baby gift list in no time.

Worried that the gifts won't make it to you by Christmas? Don't worry. Brands like No Slippy Hair Clippy can ship hair clips in 24 hours, safely stored in beautiful gift boxes and just waitin' for you to give them away. So for a no-fuss, stress-free baby gift shopping experience, as my friend's little girl would say, "go clicky for clippy!"

Here's to hoping your holidays are as lovely as your little girls are!