Moms Love Clippies!

We have another lovely review and this time it's from It's a site that is dedicated to smart parenting and smart shopping and features news and reviews on the latest items in the market for your family, including some really neat baby gear and baby items.

This was actually written months ago, but I just had to share it with you! The review goes:

"My daughter may be decked out in all pink and yet she still gets referred to as a boy. "Oh, HE'S so cute" and I of course cannot help but to correct it. "No, she's a girl" followed by " yeah, I know it's so hard to tell when they are infants" just to lessen the embarrassment they may feel. So after a couple of those comments, I decided to look for some hair clips for my newborn.

But first - there are lots to consider when buying an infant some hair accessories. Of course they'd
have to look cute - that's a given. But I needed hair clips that will hold on my daughter's baby thin locks. And most importantly, the clips has to be safe for my baby's delicate head. And after googling for many different online boutiques, I discovered No Slippy Hair Clippy! Not only do they have the cutest selections, but they meet all the criteria in what I'm looking for."

Thank you so much! We appreciate the lovely review! You can read the rest here.