Lovely Holidays!

When I think of Christmas, I think of all things festive and joyous. There is simply no reason not to celebrate! With the holiday celebrations coming up, I'm sure your darling daughters (or little nieces or little sisters) will be in a cheery mood themselves, as it also means that they will be dressing up!

While there will always be charming new dresses in stores by Christmas, I know it's always been challenging to find the perfect hair accessories to match them. I know a lot of moms whose daughters have super fine hair and they always complain about how they can spend the whole day just clipping and re-clipping baby bows. What's worse, sometimes these hair accessories even tug at the hair and hurt the girls.

Ladies, fret not. I have cute little baby bows and hair clips that answer just that: No Slippy Hair Clippy! And here are our lovely Clips of the Month:

Valerie (3" Layered Two Toned Fashion Double Bow, available in 4 colors)

Courtney Velvet Baby Bow (available in 7 colors)

So even as your little one sings and dances to Christmas carols, you are sure she will remain the prettiest little head at the ball. Of course, you can go ahead and prettify yourself, too, with our Mommy and Me designs. Or, as a baby gift suggestion, give these adorable baby items away!