The Alba's "Honor" us yet again!

Honor Warren, the beautiful one year old daughter of superstar Jessica Alba and hubby Cash Warren, has been seen sporting No Slippy Hair Clippy accessories more than a few times. We just love to see her in them! She is such a little doll face and her mother is one of the most down to earth celebs in Hollywood, not to mention one of the hottest! :) The below photos are courtesy of They are taken in Brentwood, another perfect day to soak up the California sun. Here the two happen to be on their way to a doctors appointment and they don't mind looking fabulous doing it!

Honor is wearing our Lucy baby bow in shocking pink. This is the very same clip that Salma Hayek’s daughter Valentina was spotted wearing last year. It certainly seems to be the popular clippy with all of the most famous little girls in Hollywood!

Thank you for loving No Slippy, beautiful Alba/Warren women. There aren't many who can make our clippies look as posh as you do!