October Clips of the Month

In all the excitement of Halloween and our new fall products I almost forgot to clue my readers in to our new October clips of the month. In contrast to the general theme of October which is celebrated with symbols like ghoulish goblins, wart faced witches and plump pirate faced jack-o-lanterns, our October clippies showcase a festive holiday season look, without being too garish. After all, we have our Halloween clips for that! :) Also, around this time of the year every one seems to be gearing up for their holiday shopping . With so many people on your Christmas list this year you may feel a little hard pressed to find something perfect for everyone. These darling hair accessories might be just the thing you have been looking for.

Sasha- Stacked/Ribbed Organza Bow.
Comes in 9 beautiful colors. Click here to view them all.

Harper- Top Stitched Square Baby Bow
Comes in 3 colors, all shown below.

Remember these when you are looking for that last minute, simple and inexpensive gift idea for all the women in your life. Baby gifts can be the most difficult thing to find and these clips are just perfect. They will work equally as well, if not better, as stocking stuffers. There small size and beautiful colors will have any recipient jumping for joy!