We are Back!

Hello everyone! It is good to be home. I am sorry for the lengthy time in between posts but a last minute event prevented me from letting you know I was going away and I was unable to access a computer while I was gone. I did have a wonderful 2 weeks though! I spent time with family and had the pleasure of witnessing a dear friends wedding. I just love weddings, don't you? Two people starting their lives together, truly in love, ripe with all the promise new love can bring. Then there is the fun of dressing up in silly prom type frocks and dancing the night away on a free champagne buzz to ice that three tier wedding cake.

Oh, and to make this wedding day all the more memorable, the ring bearer unknowingly stole the show during the brides grand entrance. As my friend finishes her walk down the isle, kisses her father, wipes a few tears from her cheeks and takes her place next to the man she is about to marry, her 4 year old nephew looks up, tugs on her dress and says, " Why are you crying? Look at the big cake you get!!" I just love kids, their innocent naivety always provides for amusing entertainment. :)

Stay tuned tomorrow for No Slippy updates!!